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Health and Wellness Retreats in Japan 日本健康保养静修

The Ocean 大海

Tanegashima is the ideal environment for practicing Qi Gong meditation and mindfulness. Tanegashima is a peaceful island south of Kyushu where the sounds, sight, and feeling of the ocean will restore your energy. 日本种子岛为气功禅修和正念思维的练习提供了理想环境。种子岛是日本九州以南的一个宁静的岛屿,在那里,大海的声音、景象和感受为恢复能量提供了完美的环境支撑。


The Culture 文化

Japanese culture is extremely conducive to healthy living. Regardless of whether you are enjoying Japanese cuisine or observing the ever-present attention to detail, you will find immersing yourself in the culture will go a long way towards improving your overall physical and mental health. 日本文化对健康生活极有裨益。无论您是喜欢日式料理,还是一直关注细节,您都会发现这种文化的浸润对改善您整体的身心健康有着非常深远的意义。

The Location 地理位置

Our serene location overlooking the ocean is the ideal place to relax and focus on improving your health and wellness. 我们的禅堂宁静安详、可以俯瞰大海,是放松身心、改善健康的理想场所。